Report: The future of digital medication management

This document contains a summary of talks presented at the Future of Digital Medication Management online event, which took place in November 2020. Topics covered:
  • How far off is the UK from achieving medication interoperability? (Ann Slee, NHS England’s Associate Chief Clinical Information Officer (Medicines)

    The challenge of making medication data interoperable is that different institutions have different approaches to prescribing medications. Hospitals tend to prescribe medicines using a dose-based format, and primary care prescribers use a product-based format.

  • How can clinicians navigate through digital health apps? (Liz Ashall-Payne, Founder and CEO of ORCHA)

    There are currently over 375,000 digital health apps on the market, offered either as health apps in app stores, websites, or web-based solutions.

  • The next generation of computerised medication decision-support (Nick Appelbaum, Founder and CEO of Dosium) 

    Computerised decision-support (CDS) systems have yet to bring the significant increases in quality of care we had hoped for.

  • How to approach benefits measurements in electronic medication management? (Leo Martin-Scott, Lead
    ePMA Pharmacist in Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and Duncan Cripps, Lead ePMA Pharmacist from University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust) 

    Defining and measuring benefits of an electronic prescribing and medication management system (ePMA) is an integral component of making a business case for a purchase of a software solution. When explained properly, benefits can also raise acceptance and preparedness for implementation among end-users.

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