COVID-19 rapid response: a data-platform approach

One example of a healthcare organisation that is benefiting from the right data infrastructure is the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust in the UK, and in this was clearly shown in their rapid response to COVID-19.

When the pandemic struck, they needed to launch an assessment and reporting service across the Trust in order to support the rapid response of medical teams to the pandemic. Their digital solutions needed to either fit in with existing patient flows, or introduce a flow that added value and required zero-to-low training requirements. The main challenge was to find a way to bring data from all the different vendors within the digital environment into a single point, to enable rapid decision-making with complete information that would be available to clinicians.

Using Better Platform and Better EHR Studio, it took the Trust approximately two-and-a-half weeks to create, customise, deploy, and improve the COVID-19 digital forms.

Learn more about this case in a video where Martyn Strawbridge, Deputy CNIO, and Mark Hunt, IT Development Manager, present: “COVID-19 rapid response: a data-platform approach”: 

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