How to go live with hospital electronic prescribing and medication management in six months: Success factors for a speedy rollout

Stefan Siekerski currently works as Better Delivery Manager UK & IE. He is a Registered Nurse by background and has implemented 5 different ePMA systems in 6 NHS Trusts. The last one was Wye Valley NHS Trust. He joined in January 2019. The implementation started in October 2020, and by Christmas 2020, 8 wards were live with the electronic prescribing system.  

This document summarizes his recommendations on how to successfully implement EPMA fast, which he presented at the virtual Clinical Pharmacy Congress in May 2021.  


  1. Stakeholder management  
  1. Clear targets and determination to reach them  
  1.  Site visits and connections with other trusts  
  1. Getting buy-in within the Trust   
  1. Good team management  
  1. Backup implementation plans  


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